Painting Workshops

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: This list of workshops is for informational purposes only.  Our current scheduled workshops with dates and times can be found HERE.  Many of our workshops are offered by request only.  Contact us if you read one below that interests you.

Paint It Backwards – Reverse Painting Class

Come and learn the hottest “old” technique in town! In this three-day class, we will explore the techniques of Sgraffito and enameling to create three hand-painted, fused glass pieces. Students will use reverse painting techniques and colorful enamels to create two 6” square pieces and one 8” square piece.

Painting 101
Each student will trace and matte a piece of clear glass over a black and white design of their choice. Note: don't worry if you don't understand "trace" and "matte" - that is part of what you will be learning. Sample designs will be available, or students are welcome to bring their own. The size of the project will be 8" x 10". Multiple layers of paint will be applied and the piece will be fired with the goal of creating depth and shading in one firing. By the end of the class, attendees should feel comfortable adding paint to any project. Students will understand the products and the process involved in creating painted projects.

Fused and Painted
In this 1 ½ day workshop you will learn new skills which will enable you to portray a real image much quicker and with more detail & shading than possible with traditional leaded glass. The 1st evening will be spent designing and fusing your color blank. On day 2 the process of adding paint on the blank to enhance the detail and add dimension will be the focus.