Three Dimensional Stained Glass Workshops

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: This list of workshops is for informational purposes only.  Our current scheduled workshops with dates and times can be found HERE.  Many of our workshops are offered by request only.  Contact us if you read one below that interests you.

Kaleidoscopes - New!
Remember the magic of the first time you looked through a Kaleidoscope?  Bring back the magic by making your very own stained glass Kaleidoscope!  This is one of those "must make" glass items that will become a family heirloom you will treasure.

Light Your World with a Lantern
Join us to create your own one of a kind lantern.
You will foil and assemble your lantern from pre-cut pieces.  We will add copper highlights to the interior to create a sparkle and reflect a warm glow when your candle is lit.
The finished lantern will be approximately 4” square and 9” tall.

Earring Workshop
Turn broken china into unique fashion earrings in just a few short hours.  You will learn to make dew drops using the highest quality LEAD FREE and nontoxic solder.  Jump rings will be made from scratch and the finishing touch will be making simple wire loops using headpins, crystals and beads.  If you have taken the Solder Sculpting Workshop you will be one step ahead.


Heirloom Nativity Workshop
Come and learn how to copper foil and assemble a free standing nativity set.  We will make Mary and the Christ child, Joseph and the background in this 3 week workshop.  This is a great way to utilize your scrap glass and see how those little pieces can create a heavenly work of art.

Wired and Inspired Yard Art
Finally, what to do with all that scrap! This workshop will show you how to arrange and create a 2 foot tower of glass to display in your yard. The scraps will be foiled, soldered together and secured to a copper pipe. There is a little prep work as you need to have your scrap glass pieces foiled and pre-tinned prior to arriving for the workshop. Basic soldering skills are needed. This class is pure fun with just a little work.

Keepsake Box
You will be guided through the basic steps of box building. Do you have a place to put your special treasures? With the instruction and handy tips in this class, you’ll build a keepsake box that has a purpose. Working with ball chain and filigree can be tricky, but once you master these techniques, you will be able to create more detailed and unique boxes.